Scope-150(S) Samsung strip kit (Dimmable)

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150w LM301B led strip kit. Made with high quality blue anodized heatsinks. The latest, high performance Samsung H-inFlux Series led strips and Meanwell drivers.

This kit is designed for a 60cm x 60cm area and replaces a 250w hps light.

This Item is sent plug and play..A full colour user manual is provided. Please contact if you are unsure and we will be happy to help.


  • 264 LM301B diodes (3 Single H-Influx strips)
  • Meanwell dimmable driver. 93% efficient.
  • Excellent coverage.
  • Full spectrum leds
  • High quality anodized heatsinks.
  • Remote mount driver for lower heat inside the area, attached via 2m locking iec cable.
  • Quick connect strips..
  • Full 3 year warranty.
  • 3000k/3500k Great for veg and flowering.
  • 4000k Great for veg.
  • Uk Stock.



Wattage +/- 5% Internal screw dimmer 60w-150w
Efficiency @150w (EST)


Total PPF 345 µMol/s

System efficacy 2.31µMol/j. 

Size 40cm x 58cm x 5cm.
1 Light supplement/veg 75cm x 75cm
1 Light Flower  60cmx 60cm