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QB288 V2 HLG Quantum board (Rspec)

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The Quantum board 288 V2 are made by Horticulture Lighting Group in the USA. Each board has 288 highest flux and lowest voltage bin LM301B led for an unbeatable performance.


  • 1x HLG 288 V2 quantum board. (Rspec)


  • 288pcs Samsung 301B Top Bin Diodes
  • Connectors rated 300V 9A
  • Dimensions 6.833" x 11.25
  • Max current per board 2800mA 


Driver selection.

1X Boards

  • ELG-100-54a-3Y(110w)
  • HLG-120H-54a  (150w)

2X Boards (Series)

  • ELG-240-C2100a-3y(270w)
  • HLG-240H-C2100a (275w)

2X Boards (Parallel)

  • ELG-240-54a-3y (285w)
  • HLG-240g-54a (285w)