HLG 40W Red supplement strip kit (660nm)

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40w HLG QB11 Red supplement strip kit (660nm) High efficiency Deep Red Strip kit designed for DIY projects. Everything you need is provided.

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    • 1x QB11 Red quantum board strip with heatsinks and 1m wire
    • Meanwell HLG/LPC 40w dimmable driver with pre wired plug.
    • 2x 5 way wago.
    • 2x m5 eyelets and nuts.


    • 11pcs High Power Deep red osram 660nm Diodes
    • Each strip is prewired with 1m of wire
    • Eyelet bolts premounted to each heatsink for easy placement.
    • Meanwell 40w driver (Dimmable/non dimmable )
    • U channel heatsink (590mm)
    • Peak wavelength 660nm
    • Dimensions 35mm x 590mm per strip.
    • Max wattage 40w