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ChilLED Logic led puck (100w max)

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The ChilLEDlogic pucks are designed by Growmau5 and manufactured for ChilLEd Tech. Each board has 240 of the highly efficient LM301B led and 4 cree 660nm reds to create an enhanced, full spectrum diy solution. The V3 version is better than ever and one of the most efficient light engines on the market.

Ideal replacement for cobs, fits 140mm pin heatsinks and above.



  • 1x ChilLED V3 Logic board
  • 8x screws
  • Free 1m solid core wire (18awg-1mm core)


  • LM301B top bin diode + cree 660nm reds.
  • High system efficiency.  
  • Uk stock.
  • Use 48V drivers.

 Sphere data available here.

Need a hand swapping out your cobs? just send us an email and we will be happy to help.

Driver selection. Wire in parallel. The number of pucks given is the minimum, you can add as many as you like if you want to increase efficiency and spread. We always recommend evenly spacing them across the entire area. 


Minimum number of pucks Driver choice Total Wattage
50cm x 50cm 1+ ELG-100-48B 110w
60cm x 60cm 2+ ELG-150-48B 160w
70cm x 70cm 2+ HLG-185H-48A 210w
80cm x 80cm 3+ HLG-240H-48A 280w
90cm x 90cm 3+ HLG-240H-48A 280w
1m x 1m 4+ HLG-185h-48A (x2) 420w
1.2m x 1.2m 4+ HLG-185h-48A (x2) 420w
1.2m x 1.2m OR 1.5m x 1.5m 6+ HLG-600H-48a 630w