"Great lights at a great price, thanks to DIYLEDUK.
I had been considering the switch from HPS to LED lighting for some time and finally decided on some Samsung Quantum boards which were swiftly delivered to Portugal, very well packaged. 
Sleek design, far better coverage than with a 600W HPS and dimmable. Perfect, and I can look forward to reduced electricity bills to boot!
I’m absolutely delighted with these lights. Highly recommended."
-Michael Owens,


"Having used various brands of led ranging from Chinese to the best European offerings for around five years , Diyleduk asked if I would field test one of his lights . I paid no money for the light. Diyleduk's Lm301b units are very well thought out and assembled and they also very responsive to questions.. I have now completed my first flower cycle .. I have noticed an increase in yield and best of all resin production is better.. I also noticed they have much better penetration .. I have also not used the unit at maximum only at 315 w.. People who know my diaries know it takes a lot to impress me and I am impressed .. Certainly the best option available at the moment at a sensible price IMHO"


"after a clean and easy exchange of emails I was recommended a hlg light for my space. 
Within the week I have received an official hlg board with meanwell driver it came all set up and ready to go and was excellently packaged. 
Definitely will be purchasing again from diyleduk as I upgrade my space 

"Having been a micro grower for many a year ,i hopped on the l.e.d train in the early days of ufo l.e.ds ,and i must say they suprised a few people but since then the technology has advanced with huge leaps and bounds ,

i was lucky enough to receive one of your 65 watt quantum veg spectrum boards to try out and all i can say is if your a small scale grower with very limited space then these boards are just incredible  plus the incredible profile of the board maximises the amount of space for those stealth chillies .

incredible service packaging and product ..top work diyled "



"Diyleduk the straight up no bull lighting specialists in the UK.

I have been using the Quantum Boards for a few years now and they work and grow plants as good as the day I got them. Not having to buy bulbs is a blessing and the amount of usable light output watt for watt compared with HPS/CMH, more light less power wastage. Yield will not take a hit like most people would think.

I am also running the genuine Samsung LM301B strip lights single row versions, in a split level indoor garden closet with a meter height on both levels and the strips really produce the goods, no leaf or bud burn, just the best of growing without the worry. No hype no bull they just work.

 All in Diyleduk are a great company to deal with they know their lighting and always willing to discuss your requirements or concerns., after sales support if needed is second to none. A bright future is ahead for this firm and anyone using their lighting kits."



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