Q. When will X product be back in stock?

A. Please check product pages for stock updates, we restock constantly.You can also contact us if you would like to be notified when we restock 


Q. Do you ship outside the UK?

 A. Yes, please contact us for a quote, we can offer competitive prices Without 20% UK VAT..


Q. Do you offer a warranty?

A. Yes all our kits and lighting come with a 3 year warranty. Parts come with a manufacture warranty, please contact the manufacturer for more details.


Q. Do you have a shop?

A. We have a small showroom we can demonstrate our lighting and are more than happy for customers to come down for a cup of tea and a chat about options. Please contact us to book a site visit.


Q. Do you offer collection?

 A. Yes please choose the cash option at the checkout and use code CASH for 5% off. Please allow up to 3 working days before collection is available for Led kits. Everything else is available for same day/next day collection


Q. How many led watts do I need?

 A. We recommend 30-35w per square foot with all our led products, please see product listings for area recommendations. If you’re unsure just email us we will be happy to assist.


Q. Which leds should i go for Cobs? Strips? Boards? Pucks?

 A. Area size, budget and height often determine which Leds will better suit your area. We would always recommend sending us and email or calling us to discuss options for your area. 


Q. Full Spectrum or Enhanced Full Spectrum..Whats the difference?

 A. Our full spectrum products use full spectrum white leds. Our enhanced spectrum products use full spectrum white leds and also monochromatic leds. This could be a mixtures of red leds, blue leds or any other specific wavelength.



Q. Do you list at the wall wattage with leds?

 A. YES! We sell all our products by the full at the wall power draw. We recommend avoiding any product that lists anything different. (Please allow -/+ 5% due to variances in voltage/temps)

Q. Do leds run hot?

 A. Yes (Watts = Heat), leds run as hot as any other lighting watt for watt, if you are struggle with high temps with your current lighting, we recommend reducing your wattage by at-least 20% and working on lowering intake temps. Due to the higher efficiency of leds you can still maintain your PPF output even when dropping up to 30% off you current HPS system.