PAR+ Horticulture Board Lighting

3 products

Our PAR+ full spectrum, horticulture boards each feature 288 of the samsung lm301H/B 3500k horticulture led...

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High Light DIY Led UV board kits

4 products

The High Light board is one of the only true full-spectrum LED boards on...

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Luminus Gen 4 DIY Led Cob Kits

6 products

A selection of Luminus Cob kits. Featuring the new, high efficiency Luminus gen4 CXM22...

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Growmau5 Logic DIY Led Puck Kits

1 product

We are An authorized UK EU distributor for ChilLed Tech. We stock a full...

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Scope V2 DIY Led Strip Kits

10 products

Scope [V2] Horticulture Spec Led grow light strip Kits. Featuring high efficiency spectrum tuned...

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All DIY LED Grow light Components

7 products

A wide range of DIY light engines and components. Everything you need from leds, to...

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