Introducing the Lumatek Zeus 465W C and Zeus 465W C Pro...

Thinking about an LED replacement for your 600w HPS? Look no further than Lumatek’s offering's….the 465W Zeus Compact LED lighting systems.


Understandably, many growers that have been using 600w HPS systems for years are hesitant to take the plunge into LED’s when looking for a new ‘plug-and-play’ replacement lamp.


After being able to take a close look at Lumatek’s latest offering's - the Zeus 465W - we can see that this really is the perfect replacement for growers wanting to take things to the next level. Easily matching the PPF output of a traditional HPS lamp, Lumatek have built upon the success of the existing Zeus range and have once again got themselves on to a winner.


Thanks to the increased efficiency that LED’s can now provide, this system is able to match the light output of a traditional 600W high pressure sodium lamp while drawing only 465W of electricity, producing less heat and providing much improved light spread.


Let’s go through the main features of this light and give you an idea of how it’ll perform over your canopy.


In the box...



High quality, full aluminium construction, with support bars for structural support.



465w low voltage and 0-10V controllable with dimming.



Four steel hanging eyelets, allowing the user to achieve a level position and an even spread

LEDs and Covers

Lumileds Philips and Osram (Zeus 465W Compact) / Osram and LUMLED (Zeus 465w Pro). IP65 splash-proof cover for protection.


Aluminium, magnetically connected and finned for a greater surface area




Zeus 465w

Zeus 465w Pro

Technical Specs:









Input Voltage



Power Consumption










60,000 hours

60,000 hours

Light Distribution



Light Source

Osram + Lumileds

Osram + Lumileds




External Control

With Lumatek Digital Panel

With Lumatek Digital Panel








Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum


PAR Maps

We’ve carried out some P.A.R. testing and provided a map for both of these lights in a 1.2x1.2m grow tent, hung at 16 inches from canopy level. This is our ideal recommendation for flowering stages (14-18”), whilst during veg we recommend either utilising the dimming function available or hanging a little higher (18-24”). Take a look at both of these fixtures distribution side-by-side, to see how they compare.




So what about the performance difference between the two?


When looking at the above images, we can see that the main difference between these two products comes down to intensity. As you can see from both of the PAR maps, the Zeus 465W Compact and the Zeus 465W Compact Pro both provide an impressive intensity and even spread over a 1.2m2 area. 


These lights are essentially scaled down versions of the 600W, so the difference seen between the Compact and Pro scale similar to their larger cousins. The Zeus 465W Compact can match the capabilities of a 600w HPS, so would provide an excellent replacement for a traditional lamp, while the Zeus 465W Compact Pro will outperform both.


Which one should I get?

Knowing which one is more suitable for your space comes down to a variety of factors. While Lumatek (and ourselves) would recommend both products from the Zeus 465W range for 1.2m2 areas, either one product could be utilised by experienced growers in a 1m2 area; however it should be noted that the relatively large size of each fixture (owing to the strip design) would mean that some light loss to the wall would be inevitable if used in an enclosed area of that size (such as a grow tent). For people running rooms with many fixtures - working in multiples of 1m2 - these lights would be an excellent choice, providing an exceptionally even spread over their intended footprint.


If you’re venturing into new LED territory, or simply looking for an excellent value-for-money LED system with all the must-have features to effectively fill your room… you’ll find it hard to beat the Zeus 465W Compact. For those wanting to push efficiency to current limits and achieve extra intensity as a result, the 465W Compact Pro is the one for you.


Impressive Value

From the numbers we were seeing on our Quantum Sensor, we really were impressed by the PPF per-watt output and spread combination of both lights. We were surprised how well the Zeus 465W Compact managed to perform against the Pro and its’ bigger contemporaries considering that it’s significantly cheaper.


To show you what I’m talking about in numbers, let’s divide the total light output for each light by the price, to see how many Micromoles of usable light you’ll be getting for every £1 you spend.


465W Compact Pro

Our price: £699.95

PPF 1256 = 1.79 μmol per £1


465W Compact

Our price: £579.95

PPF 1070 = 1.84 μmol per £1



As previously stated, the widely varying priorities that each grower will have when in the market for a grow light will affect the specific recommendation that we make for them. So with that being said, we're grateful to Lumatek for providing two different but both individually impressive 600 watt HPS replacements to cover the varying needs of the market. While the 465W Pro provides superior intensity to the standard Compact - making it perfect for experienced growers - the 465W Compact offers absolutely stunning performance for the price.


All of your bases will be more than covered regardless of which Lumatek Zeus 465W you choose. With a 60,000 hour rated lifetime, waterproofing, dimming and 5 year warranty all included as standard; the Zeus range of horticultural lights have proved exceptionally popular thus far and we don't see that changing with these new additions.


Don’t forget though… buy from us and you’ll not only get the top-notch, streamlined after-sales support we’re known for, but your light will arrive in completely plain and discreet packaging…. no exceptions.


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